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Who we are


Primarily, at Earth Kin, we offer Outdoor Education Programs; Earth Kin is a program that contains what we believe to be the key or essential elements for a meaningful and useful outdoor educational experience. These elements are earth knowledge, earth skills, community building and awareness of self, others, and our connection to the Earth. We encourage direct contact with the natural landscape, and we encourage increased awareness and kinship with all life.


The goal of our programs is Earth Kinship

Each of our staff have participated in the Once Upon a Time Break Away program for over 10 years and are very familiar with the focus and the activities included in this program.  We are also a family that works together and to support each other as we host programs and groups. 


Wanda DeWaard is an outdoor educator who has shared Environmental Awareness and Earth Kinship with community groups, schools, camps, environmental centers and teacher conferences since 1974. She holds a M.Ed. in Environmental Education and she has created and directed youth and family programs all over the United States as well as in Canada and Germany.


Scott DeWaard is an accomplished custom furniture maker with 40 years of experience. His work can be found in many locations around the community to include private homes, churches and public areas. Scott is designing and building the infrastructure on our campus with a focus on sustainable practices.


Cornelius DeWaard is the Lead Guide for the programs with over 10 seasons of experience with College Alternative Break Programs. He is also in charge of maintaining the landscape and structures in and around our campus. He assists with the design and building of our facilities plus keeps up with the regular maintenance of our campus. Cornelius also assists with the planning and implementation of our programs and group service projects.

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